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Student programming and scheduling is a three-step process:

  1. Gather information about what courses students need and wish to take: Most of your course requests are automatic and follow the standard sequencing of all academic subjects and of some studios classes (your input is not necessary). For example, if you are currently in English 2 (E2), you will automatically be promoted to English 3 (E3).
    In some instances, electives, AP, and honors courses are offered, and you are encouraged to choose among them. Your preferences will receive consideration only if you complete the online registration on Deadalus. (Click on the link to go to the proper place for registration). To find out important information about criteria for registration and sequencing for academics please visit the Academic Sequencing page.

  2. Program the students: This process is computerized. The more specialized a class is (honors, electives, AP courses), the more difficult it is for the computer to create a schedule that will include all of your course requests. We offer more than 200 different courses each semester. If the computer cannot find a solution, it will offer you the best second match that will fit into your schedule.

  3. Distribute Schedules: A student’s enrollment in a course can be ascertained by reviewing the program card.  You will receive no credit for attending any course that does not appear on your program card; therefore, auditing a class for which you are not registered would be unacceptable. 
           Students at LaGuardia Arts are programmed for a nine or ten period day, including lunch.  Courses are offered through periods one and ten.  In order to accommodate the school-wide schedule and individual student needs, you are assigned an early start or a late start; in some cases, a student will be assigned a period zero or eleven class.  Individual requests for an early or late program are accommodated only for a compelling reason and only if requested within the first three days of school.
                Due to class size limitations, program changes may be initiated by the Program Office within the first ten days.  This process is called “equalization.”  All measures are taken to minimize the number of such schedule changes.
                If you fail a required course, you must retake the course in summer school or PM school.  Course offerings are subject to availability.  Failing a course may delay your graduation; therefore, please attend all your classes and work hard to pass them.

Disclaimer: Each student course request will be honored unless one or more of the following is true:

  • the class is oversubscribed
  • the class is eliminated due to budgetary restraints, space restraints or low registration
  • course selections conflict